Welcome to   THE BLUE PEARL HEART INN  SOUL JOURNEY.   I am delighted to be your coach,  and mentor  as you embark on this deep and amazing journey to release your most creative and authentic self

Our journey will be one that takes us into the power of the heart mind in a balanced  natural harmony with our creative brain. We will walk this unique path together to shine a light into your mystical and magical inner being.   We will be inspired, to find our joy, passion, and purpose. Discovering and expanding your creativity and imagination in painting, drawing, writing, dancing, or singing, you will be able to bring your higher most Sacred Self into expression in the world.

You will leave the worry, fears and pain of past hurts behind you and with guidance stay calm, safe and non-reactive, when the natural process of change occurs in your world.  Through a deep and powerful guided process into the heart mind I  will help you to become confident, aware of your inner being , and release the blocks that keep you from following your joy.

This is a step of trust, of listening to your higher self and of answering the calling of your soul. It takes courage yet it is a journey of great and deep joy! You will honor yourself and the gifts you have been given. This powerful process is a sacred path of trust and honouring the soul being you are listening to; that still small voice of wisdom and calm within.

In this process I will hold your heart in mine and in doing so we will both be expanded and enter a greater vision for our lives.  Best of all we will have fun, excitement, and develop a bond together to enhance us both.

A Lotus Sutra

The path is wide

I cannot fall.

The mountains are high,

I have a clear view.

The river flows,

I can rest my head.

Jan Illingsworth.

JAN has over 50 years of experience in TEACHING, ABUNDANCE, SPIRITUAL HEALING &  TRANSFORMATION.  She is passionate about accelerating consciousness and compassion in living through the heart mind and brain coherence.

Jan is  known and respected for her facilitation of personal development, Gestalt, Shamanic and Spiritual Awakening, Dream Work Meditation, Breath Work, and Art Therapy groups as a part of her former practice as a psychotherapist and for University Extension Adult Education Courses, throughout New Zealand and in Australia.

During her time in private practice Jan also trained in Psychodrama, Non Directive Ericksonian Hypnosis, Process Theory, Pain Relief Techniques, Jungian Sandplay and Mandala work, Art Therapy, Family Therapy and Reality Therapy.

Jan gained a Diploma with Distinction in Transpersonal Psychodynamics from The Living Water Centre NSW Australia.

She graduated The Gestalt Institute of New Zealand : Dip GINZ with distinction.

For five years she was also a faculty member of The Gestalt Institute of New Zealand.

CONNECT  with Jan – her life’s purpose is to enhance the life of others. To have people elevated out of suffering and into the creative joyful experience of the heart mind.

Jan is also an artist, sculptor, poet, gardener, teacher and grandmother to nine children.



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