A Matter of Heart

“A Matter of Heart”  An art journaling project.

I’ve decided to do a little art journal project based around the heart symbol. This is not a decorative exercise but a serious and fun process for me to find out more about what is going on in my heart mind.

I have this idea that is is just important to work on consciousness from the heart perspective than anywhere else, perhaps more because we now know the heart mind is precognitive. Our hearts already know what we are going to do before we do. It is not known how long in time this precognition is but I have a hunch it works outside of the confines of time.

In my painting and drawing I’ve had surprises often. “Where did this come from?”, ” Why am I suddenly having the Red Lady appear in my paintings?” and “who is she, what is she telling me?” This is the joy of art journaling for me. I start out at one place and in the same work reveal many things I was unaware of. Sometimes I then paint larger versions on canvas. This is a process in itself because I often delete or add elements based on new awareness.  I find I am more engaged in the process of creating than the end product.  Some pieces stay numinous for some time and others have less significance to me.  I treasure them nevertheless but am not attached to them.

So now that I am seriously in the business of personalised Heart-Mind coaching I need to know more and more about my own journey and how this impacts, not only on me, but on my fellow sojourners as well.

I had coffee with a dear friend recently. She was asking me about the instruction to love thine enemies and forgiving our enemies. I said I struggled with this too. Gosh I’ve only just begun to love myself. I guess that’s a step in the right direction. Maybe it is one and the same thing. If I can love who I am even with the dark ones in me I must be more able to love others. I said I thought if we came out of separation and dualised thinking we would come to see all people are One. We have our enemies in us and we have come across them in our external lives because they are a reflection of an aspect of self that we are not conscious of. One of the great, “ Not Me tribe”.

When I was at a training workshop run by Max Schupbach,   www.processwork.edu/faculty/max-schupbach/ , in the 1990’s he often said “ Oh me too”, when that denial came up in him. I often use this line on myself when I become reactive toward others. This whole thing about loving thine enemies is only hard for the ego and the logical brain, the part that still thinks in cause and effect and wants to deflect from seeing this behaviour in itself. The heart mind does not struggle with this at all because it is non-judgemental.

I was in a vision process in InStory Way with Devorah Stillman  and went into the heart with this question, “ how can I love the unlovable?” I was thinking about four of our current world leaders because my egoistic reaction to them is disgust, repugnance, anger, and general aversion. I know these feelings lead to fight, flight, freeze, stress responses in me, a feeling of helplessness, and thoughts that we humans are at the brink of the abyss. This is not very helpful when I have a passion and a purpose to help alleviate suffering and take this matter of heart out into the world.

I was fortunate that in the vision I came to know; it is not the behaviour , the personality, or the physical being we have to love. We must love the soul being of each and every human being. 

If those causing human suffering will not budge,  applying derision, revenge, threats,  punishment  and the bombs, only serves to increase the problem. Violence begets violence, intolerance begets more intolerance, bombing begets bombing. Threats, violence, revenge, name calling, etc is not what awakens people but pouring love and peace energy into the collective heart-mind may well do. It is worth a try isn’t it because what we are doing hasn’t ever worked, isn’t working and won’t ever work?

So this is where I begin my “ A Matter of Heart Art Journal.” Maybe I am just naive about politics, the nature of suffering and war. I’ve been lovingly described as a terminal hippie, so liberalism, naivety and optimism are my forte. I even wear a flower in my hair at times…

I hope you will join me in this creative art project and find out more of what your heart mind has to say about you and what we all need.  Please post your work on The Blue Pearl Inn face book page.  I’d love to see what you are doing.  


Here is the first page of my ” A Matter of Heart” journal. I called this heart,  Surrenderand wrote the gogyoshi to bring out the proactive and positive message in this heart  experience.  It took me by surprise.  I did not expect to have my heart shouting at me and a bent over woman carrying a heavy heart.  It is about reactivity I experienced last week related to a discussion about war.  The heart mind often serves to wake us up to what is creeping around the edges of our consciousness.  We need to develop the inner eyes to see, the inner ears to hear and bravery of heart to express this in the outer world.  My six  month personalised soul coaching programme will enable you to develop these abilities.


Surrender up,
Your heavy heart.
Let loose on mellow winds,
Russetted memories in pale gold,
Dust from sweet unction days.


The second page didn’t hold as many surprises but there were still some.  I wrote this  gogyoshi from notes I had jotted down while I was creating the heart.  This is important because all the while we are creating from the heart mind , brain coherence lots of messages are coming into our thoughts.

My Heart is My Lodestar.

Heart is our lodestar,
Fallen to Earth.
No vanishing pulse in time.
Eternity in a glance.
Souls’ embodied truth.

I found I had these questions come to me while I was painting and drawing. What if my heart holds the minuscule holographic images of every human being that ever has, is now and ever will be living.? What if my Heart is the source in this earthly plain? Since we are made of the stars then my heart is my lodestar. It will lead me home.  I wonder what will appear in the next ” A Matter of  Heart” page?

This is page three.  I called it ” My Heart is My Refuge”  In Buddhism there are three refuges you can call upon:- the Buddham, which is the enlightened self which is already in us but which we have yet to uncover.  The second refuge is the Dharmmam . This is the truth of enlightened beings that whatever has the nature to exist has the nature to pass away.  Thirdly the Sangham is the teaching of wisdom teachers from the past, present and those still yet to come.

Page 4. The Broken Heart Healing. Some times things happen in the world that breaks your heart.  Then you must reach into the depth of compassion and send loving kindness out into the event.  I always feel this way when I hear about the suffering of children.


Beyond the cresting waves,

on some unfamiliar shore

A child with a face of despair and grief,

asks the unanswerable.

Why us? Why me?

Page 5 is the heart called ” Intueri”  This is a Latin verb meaning to look inside or to contemplate.  The Heart Mind is precognitive and has the ability for non local intuition.  This intuition is referring to knowledge or sense of something that cannot be explained by the past or by sensing the environmental signals.

Page 6  Your Heart is a garden of Eden.  When you are in the wilderness, suffering from loss and hurt or physical pain, instead of numbing your senses, depressing and dumbing yourself down enter the garden of the heart mind.  Sometimes in clinging to the past we stay in deep mourning attached to those who have gone from our lives. Perhaps we think by doing this we keep the loved one with us or that we are demonstrating, to the great audience of the ego, how much we loved them and how loyal we are.  There is no audience and the ego is wracked with negative thought patterns of shame, guilt, fear,  pain, desperation, martyrdom, grandiosity, unworthiness and dependence.

From your Heart Mind the essential and most authentic Self  can be in charge. Here you can become inspirited.  The heart mind is a Heaven on Earth, a place of the ever returning and  the ever blooming.


I have heard such hallowed voices.
Seen such hopeful signs when,
visions through blooming fields spread.
Puawaitanga promises in Summer,
we will meet again when dead.

Page 7 explores the Power of Three.

The Power of Three.

“ I arise this day,

Through the strength of the heavens,

Light of the sun,

Radiance of moon,

Splendour of fire,

Speed of lightening,

Swiftness of wind,

Depth of the sea,

Stability of Earth,

Firmness of rock

gratitude for the merciful three.”

In my six month “Heart Inn Me” programme we will explore together how to sit in your heart mind and to listen to stillness.  We can then share any blocks you may come across and then the positive outcomes of this practice in your life.

 I will help you to develop Heart Mind and Brain Coherence where all of the chaos of the external world, our obsessing monkey mind, angst and suffering melts away. This can happen, often without you even realising it, as you become more aligned with your true authentic being and Soul Self. You will transform and experience your transpersonal mind too. This six month programme is personalised especially for you as we commit to work and explore together one on one.

Go to the Heart Mind Programme and Store. Open the programme by clicking on the picture for a more detailed look at what my programme offers you. I am looking forward with excitement, and an open heart, to meeting and working with you.

From my heart inn me to your heart in you,


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