Creating From the Heart-mind and Brain Coherence State.

I have no doubt that the creative intuitive latent abilities we all naturally possess are greatly enhanced by heart-mind brain congruence. It is a heightened state of mindfulness and a right brained way of being in the world. Here you follow your own rules. Forget about having to paint, draw, write, sing in a certain way. Create because you are human and that is what makes us human. Once you forget about having to do it this way, or that way, you begin to experience happiness in being alive. We gain so much confidence when we create from our authentic self. We have only just begun to explore this exciting way of being.

I want to share with you two pieces of creativity from the seeds of my childhood. If you want to know and have more in this intuitive way of creating from the deeper Soul Self, please join me as a member of the Blue Pearl Heart Inn tribe of soul travelers.


Sitting among the peas is a gloriously safe thing to do when you are five and afraid. Even though you are not allowed to eat them, you do. Even though Mummy says eating the pods gives you worms, you do. This is deliciously, dangerously, safe.

I am Chummy, alone in the peas, alone with the sunshine and alone with the singing spirits. They are the ones that sound like birds but are not really birds. I know. I’ve seen them. I hear them. They sing “All Things Bright and Beautiful”, just like Sister Elsie does, in church. Only they don’t have shaky voices like Sister. The singing spirits have true voices. Don’t tell anyone about them, Chummy, they’ll say it’s only the birds.

You know its safe in the peas ‘cause the Patupaiarehe can’t get you here. They are the mist people with white skin and red hair. Lucy says they look exactly like me only I’ve got white hair. Lucy says some of them do too, so there!

Maybe I am Patupaiarehe? Lucy says they’ll come in the night and take me away with them to be their little girl. They’ll take me to the mists and I’ll never see Mummy and Daddy again. Lucy knows ‘cause she’s Maori. All of them are Maori except Mummy and Daddy, Kaysie, Johnny and me, and they all know.

Don’t think about Patupaiarehe, Chummy. Don’t think about patupaiarehe when you are sitting in the peas. If you don’t think about them then maybe the makutu won’t get you and won’t be true. Then you can stay with Daddy forever and be safe.

Just listen to the singing spirits and watch them dancing in the sky. There they are, long and thin and crystal white, dancing in the sky. Singing, singing, singing.Don’t think about them Chummy, don’t think about them, and haere mai, everything is kapai.


Watching light-dappling, summer leaves,
cast shadows on wild, sweet grasses,
daisy-chained childhood play,
laughter lost long ago
sings for a moment, innocent songs.

In my six month “Heart Inn Me” programme we will explore together how to sit in your heart mind and to listen to stillness.  We can then share any blocks you may come across in your creative path and then the positive outcomes of this practice in your life.

 I will help you to develop Heart Mind and Brain Coherence where all of the chaos of the external world, our obsessing monkey mind, angst and suffering melts away. This can happen, often without you even realising it, as you become more aligned with your true authentic being and Soul Self. In this place you enter a flow state of creativity.  This six month programme is personalised especially for you as we commit to work and explore together one on one.

Go to the Heart Mind Programme and Store. Open the programme by clicking on the picture for a more detailed look at what my programme offers you. I am looking forward with excitement, and an open heart, to meeting and working with you.

From my heart inn me to your heart in you,


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