Igniting Our Senses. Part 1.

Taking time to be in nature

 There is no better way to ignite your senses than to go out into nature.

Here are some notes from one small moment in nature:-It is winter now and drizzling lightly with rain. I fed the birds and walked around my garden, feeling the light cold needling of the misty rain on my face, and searching for the sudden brightness of colour out of the greens and browns of winter. Finding flowers in winter is an absolute delight. I noticed my first daffodil is flowering. Ohhh!, the turn of the seasons is upon me.

Taking time to be in nature is vital to your beings health and the polishing of your senses. Screens, noise pollution of cars and machines, man made artificial or chemical smells, artificial light, beige colours of many home interiors, poor mood brought about by mundane survival living and unhappy relationships, ego and over thinking mind pollution all serve to depress and dull our sense responses.


From this short time in nature 2 five line poems emerged, 

People often ask where I get my uniquely different inspirations for my poetry and art. Being nature and being in my heart mind.  Remember we are not separate from nature we are a being of nature in a human form.

Perception is based on the interpretation of signals sent to the brain by the five senses. Each sense — touch, smell, taste, sight, hearing — affects how we react to the world and how we interpret events around us.


The Winter Tree

Wisdom knots on grizzled trunk.

Moss cloak draped on Northern back,

throat of pale lichen beads.

A solitary amber leaf,

hangs on the winter branch.

Seeing can heal our bodies as well as our souls. Positive imagery can work as a force of nature to help the body restore itself to a more optimal condition. Negative and toxic imagery does the opposite.



Here are some ways to keep developing your visionary powers


  1. Look closely at something. Lets say a favourite shell. Notice things you have never noticed before.. colours shapes, lines and whorls. Note them down in you notebook.

  2.  Pick a colour for the day and take as many photographs of that colour.
  3. Visualize a place that is nearby and familiar to you. Put in as many specific details as you can. Maybe your favourite cafe or even the corner where you sit to relax. Then go and look at the place and see how accurate you were. Anything you missed? Now close your eyes and add the new features to your inner picture.

  4. Now do this similar exercise about a favourite place you had a a child or your future now favourite and as yet unknown favourite place.

  5. Place a flower in a vase just look and observe as many details as you can. Then sketch the flower putting in as many details as you can. Imagine you can enter this flower and find a world with it. Evolve a story about this world.

  6. Each day story your world.  For example when you see the artist sitting in the street sketching jot down words and phrases that emerge from your inner visionary. Write a story about this person.



I have heard such hallowed voices.
Seen such hopeful signs when,
visions through blooming fields spread.
Puawaitanga promises in Summer,
we will meet again when dead.

Jan Illingsworth.

From my heartinn me to your heart in you,

with love,


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