Intentional Sacred Doodling.

This is another tool you can use on your Soul Journey.

Begin with ritual in the outer world. If  you cannot because you intend doodling in a meeting  then  imagine it so that the brain knows it is about to enter a sacred space.   Remember the brain cannot tell what the difference is between actual and imagining.  Light a candle, incense,  take three slow breaths, put on the movie or podcast.  Have you pen and paper in front of you and begin.

Now you can enter into the other realms and you can, with practice, consciously do it at multidimensional levels. We are multidimensional beings and are always being and becoming in multi dimensions whether we are aware of this or not.

Intentional Sacred doodling is what you do when you are listening to pod casts, watching a movie, sitting at a meeting. You attend to the outer world yet the hand draws and the heart mind tells the right brain the sensory , mystical experiences to draw. You are not thinking about the content of the drawing. You don’t even have to think about colour. This is important because we don’t want doodles from our ordinary mind. Nor do we want our ego to be doing the drawing. We want to draw without thinking, without interfering with a intentional sacred process.

It is a good idea just to do the doodling in a black ball point pen on white paper. It is as though the doodle, doodles itself.

It doesn’t have to look like anything. It can be quite surreal or even mundane. Being critical of what you doodle is not honouring of the greater mind that is sending you a message. Being critical is just a thinking habit from what we call ego. Ego is not real. It is just an accumulation of thoughts about who we think we are. Ego always demotes or promotes you. Your Essential Self makes no such judgements. Comparing your doodle with someone else’s is also ego thought patterns. Its a bit daft really. I think of my ego as a clown. I can be having a wonderful time and suddenly this clown comes dancing across the screen of my inner mind…da da da da da da…. da da da da da da… da da da da da da … Da! Smile and tell it to skeddadle. Whatever you do don’t give it power by taking it seriously. Remember at one level this is just black and white marks on a piece of paper. It is not going to hang in the Louvre. Smile and have fun.

Once you have finished your doodle. You will be able to sense into this because all along you have been working with intention from the deeper self and it is this that will tell you, you have finished. pin it somewhere you can look at it. Write down any pictures, ideas, dreams, visions, thoughts and songs that come to you. These will help you find meaning arising from the authentic you rather than you seeking meaning from somewhere else. These doodles are very personal and tell your story..

Thirty years ago I did a lot of mandala work and got my clients to do them too. Mandalas are Intentional Sacred Drawings and sometimes doodles. What I have found in recent years that many of the mandalas being drawn are very pretty, have given someone a sense of deep calm and focus they are not always sacred. The sacredness comes from the communication from the deep self, the one that is often just out of awareness. Sometimes the messages and meanings come from ancient teachings and mythology. I suggest you start with free form doodling as the symbols seems easier to read.


From my Heart Inn me to your heart inn you,


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