Listening to Stillness : The sound of silence

Some 20 years ago I climbed half way up Mount Ruapehu on the central plateau of the North Island New Zealand. I climbed up in March so there was no snow except on the peak. I climbed because I was sad and wanted to get away from the noise and drama, gossip and judgement going on below. I climbed because I knew I didn’t know what to do or how to be with the circumstance of my life at the time. As I climbed I imagined I was climbing above the chaos and the struggle into the place of not knowing. A place where not knowing was the best place to be.

It was no great feat as much of the way there was a track and the rest was easy scrambling over rocks. There was no one else around and so I sat on a rock overlooking the plains below. I felt I was sitting in the cobalt sky. I became very still as I began to slow my breathing and, opened eyed, I entered my heart mind. How still and quiet the world was. No machines, no voices, no planes, no sirens, no hustle and bustle.

This,” I thought, “ Is the way the world was before we all went mad.” A couple of hawks circled above me for a long time. I wondered if they were noticing how still I was. I noticed they made no sound.

When I came down from the mountain I was no longer in turmoil about my feeling sad. I was still sad but I had an immense feeling of gratitude and joy to be alive. I knew my life would unfold exactly how it was meant to. The stillness and the silence gave me time to remember who I truly am and what my purpose is in the world. From that time on I have regularly practiced finding stillness and listening to it.

“As I sit quietly doing nothing

Spring comes and grass grows of itself.”

Ch’an Ling Chu Chi

I was in a conference, an on line meeting, recently and the coach was talking about marketing. I found myself developing a pain in my solar plexus and anxiety arising. My thinking became chaotic with how, who, whys and whens. Stop! Stop! This is the commercial world I have left. This is not my way. Then we all went into an inner process so I went into my heart mind and became still. I was happy to sit with my not knowing. My heart conveyed to me in few words, “ Listen to stillness.”

I found myself sitting beside a still, deep indigo lake. It was like mirrored glass and I thought this is how still I must become. Then a beautiful white swan glided across the lake sending ripples out toward me. I enjoyed the swan then realised underneath the beauty and graceful gliding were webbed feet paddling ,for all they were worth, in order to move. “That’s me”, I realised. “I can appear calm and peaceful yet under the surface there are times where I am paddling just as fast as I can.”

The heart mind is the source of everything we need to know. Not our chattering brain, not even the writing, or advice of others although that can help. When we sit in silence in our heart mind we find unconditional love, the wisdom mind or intuitive intelligence that guides us perfectly and safely home.

Sitting in the heart mind and listening to stillness requires utmost simplicity. It requires an open admission to yourself that you don’t know. This creates an intimacy and depth with your authentic beingness and opens up a space for you in your life. Here you can remember who you truly are.

So much of the life we experience in our heads and in the world is fast, chaotic, frightening, neurotic and demanding. This leads to suffering, to feelings of not being enough, not doing enough and not having enough. We call this the rat race and the monkey mind, which is not a happy combination. So we had better take stock of our minds and practice getting them in order. The heart mind is the Master and the other minds, right brain, left brain, monkey mind, the ego mind and emotional mind become the good servants.

When things go wrong we always have the choice to find stillness.


Sometimes there is Sadness

It comes as waves on the blue ocean

washing over me.

It fills my heart

leaving with the next tide.

If you find sitting still difficult try taking a piece of paper and a pencil and make a mark on every out breath. Imagine on every out breath you are breathing out calm. On every in breath breathing in stillness. Do this daily for at least a week and notice any changes.

In my six month “Heart Inn Me” programme we will explore together how to sit in your heart mind and to listen to stillness.  We can then share any blocks you may come across and then the positive outcomes of this practice in your life.

 I will help you to develop Heart Mind and Brain Coherence where all of the chaos of the external world, our obsessing monkey mind, angst and suffering melts away. This can happen, often without you even realising it, as you become more aligned with your true authentic being and Soul Self. You will transform and experience your transpersonal mind too. This six month programme is personalised especially for you as we commit to work and explore together one on one.

Go to the Heart Mind Programme and Store. Open the programme by clicking on the picture for a more detailed look at what my programme offers you. I am looking forward with excitement, and an open heart, to meeting and working with you.

From my heart inn me to your heart in you,


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