Lucid Dreaming: A Conversation with Eir.

What is the power of lucid dreaming and how can it help me to heal from fibromyalgia? I have been working to free myself of this disease caused by past trauma for some time now through diet, exercise and meditation. Meditation has led me to the reality of the quantum field. If I step away from my body, leave it to its own healing process without interference from my thoughts, beliefs and neurosis it will heal itself. The miracle is this is what it is designed to do! Einstein said “ The field is the sole governing agency of the particle”.

We usually think of our body is all matter or particle. In truth our body is more space than particle but we have an outer world material mindset of reality. What if the outer world was a reality created by our, thoughts, past experiences, belief systems and patterns? What if reality is where you place your attention? I ask myself many questions to disrupt my mind set, my stuck patterns of thinking and feeling. What if saying, “I have fibromyalgia”, reinforces the disease?

If my attention is on pain then my reality is pain and quite literally I am sick of it and in being in it.What works is to go out of your body into a transcendental state so that the body can get on with its healing without me interrupting it, In the space of myself I am no longer putting my attention on my body or on pain in it.I had two lucid dreams this night. In lucid dreaming I am in the quantum field and space of my being. I both witness the dream and am consciously active in it. The transcendental state is when the body is asleep but the mind is awake. It doesn’t feel as though I alone am the creator of the dream but that a higher or essential self is. This Jean Houston calls the entelechy. This self is the face you wore before you were born.When you are having a powerful inner event the brain and the body get reprogrammed.

So I was doing one of Dr Joe Dispenza’s “Activation of the Pineal Gland” meditations which can lead to lucid dreaming..In the first dream I saw the future now dancer self and at the same time was the dancer, outlined in red spinning, and spinning like a dervish dancer. Now as I/she dances gossamer silver threads start spinning out from me/her creating a connection to new fields or meta levels. These are a multidimensional field of self. I/she becomes like a flying spider spreading its silken threads over the Autumn paddocks.

In the second dream during actual sleep I am in my gym working out with my trainer only my trainer is not Carrie she is Eir , the Viking Goddess of healing, an ancestral figure symbolising the essential self. In one of my recent art works,( completed exactly a month ago,) “ She is Eir”, you can see me at the top of the collage watching Eir reveal herself to me. I had this conversation with her.

Jan: “ What can I be doing to heal myself of fibromyalgia?

Eir: “ Nothing! No Thing! It is already done. You don’t do the healing Jan you provide the opportunity for me to do it.”

Jan: I see. I keep thinking I I am the one responsible and in control of this life I am living but actually I am not. I am not awakened enough to be in charge.”

Eir: “ You are awakened enough to know the soul threads of your multidimensional lives link you to All. You are just the one in the material world most of the time. You still think the material world is reality. It is not THE reality. It is somewhat an illusion because of your sensory, thought and language perception. For example; when you see a tree you divide it up into roots, trunk, bough, branches, leaves and flowers etc. Sometimes you feel its bark and listen to the wind in the leaves but this is NOT a tree. It is only your perception based on your outer world learning. A tree is not separated by anything in the field and neither are you. Look with your inner eyes and hear with your inner ears. The inner world experience is more real than the outer.”

Jan: “OK I am beginning to have a sense of this, It is only my outer world frame of reference not reality. So is what I perceive or experience as pain only there because I attend to it as pain?”

Eir: Certainly. Pain is real in the human material particles of the body but in the spaces it does not exist. What you experience as pain is a malfunction of the brain and nervous system. It is jammed energy and stress on the material dimension. Are you feeling pain now?”

Jan: “No not at all”. I begin to cry with joy and feel a warmth of immense gratitude.

Eir: So here, in this dimension, you are already healed and all will transform in your outer world life if you stand out of the way.”I am so grateful to have had this conversation which I immediately wrote down as I woke myself up to do so. It is the longest conversation I have experienced with my essential self in the form of a dream figure. My heart is full and I am laughing.

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