Overcoming the Myth of Not Enough

I am sure you have often come up against the erroneous phenomena of “ Not enough”. Not enough money, not enough happiness, not enough possessions, not enough energy or the biggest lie of all “ I am not enough”. “I don’t do enough, I don’t have it in me, I haven’t the talent or the skill:” and on they go the “ not enough” lies. Following these myths we tell ourselves the statement, “ I can’t “, and so we suffer with learned helplessness too.

This belief system has its origins in our childhood usually at around nine years old and we realise that we are still learning and begin comparing ourselves with others and find ourselves wanting. We are well and truly trained in self judgement by this time as we have had excellent coaches pointing out our inadequacies at home our parents and at school our teachers. In recent times another issue has occurred in our developing feelings of not being good enough and that is the trend toward over praise. This occurs when everything you do is “awesome”, “ fantastic”, or “ Oh you are so clever”. The children know the patronising lie of this and the momentary lift, if there is one, is quickly counteracted by their ego saying this is not true.

Some children compensate by pretending they can do everything while feeling inadequate underneath. Others feel inadequate and begin to hide. We grow up and become over inflated, narcissistic and projective and deflective at one end of the continuum, or deflated, unworthy, in hiding, confluent and retroflective at the other end. Which ever side of centre, of the continuum, you find yourself the source reason is the same, “ I am not enough”.

Our commercialised world perpetuates this myth in order to have us buy more things, spend more money on improving the way we look, speak, and profits from both our innate need to belong, to have status and to self medicate our deep feelings of not enough and unworthiness.

On Mondays I do intensive tai chi training with my master Eddie. Currently he is focusing on subtle energy or chi flow in my body. My main issue is I try too hard. I try to push the river and this has the effect of building boulders in the river of me and slowing me down. I feel like such a slow learner in tai chi. I have been doing it for 30 years!

Whatever the “it ” is at the time! Making “it “happen is ” Not My Job” being a clear channel for the energy flow is. Isn’t it a paradox that working harder and harder, pushing myself more and more has the effect of blocking the flow. This feeling of “not enough” can have us falling into the try harder, do more, trap.

Eddie explained to me the chi at its manifesting source is compacted right down into a minuscule ball. Smaller than a pinhead. He said it was like when the egg and a sperm (yin and yang) come together as a human 1 celled embryo. All the energy for the entire human life , from conception to death, is held in that one cell. This is the natural process. Before the Big Bang all the energy of the entire universe was held in a minute ball smaller than a pin head. The force of this energy when released is mighty. The release happens because it must.

In tai chi this release of energy is called fajing. In Chen style it is released and a mighty cracking sound is heard. In Yang style it is released in a whisper and is just as powerful. In a diamond, a very compacted energy form, it is released as a white, bright , shining light.

The idea of “not enough “ is ridiculously erroneous in a universe born of a ball smaller than a pinhead. When you look at this with trust in the centre of your heart mind you can to begin to overcome this belief of not enough and become the clearest channel you can be.

In my six month “Heart Inn Me” programme we will explore together the “ not enough “, myth beliefs, not by doing regressive therapy on our childhood problems and clawing our way through over the broken glass of our suffering. This doesn’t work. I know I tried for many years to overcome in this way. I then moved into Transpersonal and Transformative approaches and this worked much better but there was still something missing.

Now I help you to develop Heart Mind and Brain Coherence where all of this angst and suffering melts away, often without you even realising it, as you become more aligned with your true authentic being and Soul Self. You will transform and experience your transpersonal mind too. This six month programme is personalised especially for you as we commit to work and explore together one on one.

Go to the Heart Mind Programme and Store. Open the programme by clicking on the picture for a more detailed look at what my programme offers you. I am looking forward with excitement, and an open heart, to meeting and working with you.

From my heart inn me to your heart in you,


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