The Mindfulness of the Breath

When times are difficult and stressful we must be mindful of our health or our well being will suffer. This is a simple process to help.

  1. Pause: Take 5 to 10 minutes for yourself.

  2. Sit in a quiet and pleasant place indoors or outdoors.

  3. Close your eyes and be still.

  4. Notice the movement of your breath.

  5. Notice any areas of tension in your body and as you breathe out relax.

  6. Now slow your breathing down. Breathe in through the nose to the count of 5. Breathe out through the mouth to the count of 5 with a whispered sigh.

  7. Repeat this breathing for 3-5 cycles. Then return to breathing normally.

  8. Feel into gratitude. Be thankful for the good things in your life and commit to doing acts of kindness everyday.

Slowing and deepening your breath sends a message to your heart and brain that all is well.

In my six month “Heart Inn Me” programme we will explore together how to sit in your heart mind and to listen to stillness.  We can then share any blocks you may come across and then the positive outcomes of this practice in your life.

 I will help you to develop Heart Mind and Brain Coherence where all of the chaos of the external world, our obsessing monkey mind, angst and suffering melts away. This can happen, often without you even realising it, as you become more aligned with your authentic being and Soul Self. You will transform and experience your transpersonal mind too. This six month programme is personalised especially for you as we commit to work and explore together one on one.

Go to the Heart Mind Programme and Store. Open the programme by clicking on the picture for a more detailed look at what my programme offers you. I am looking forward with excitement, and an open heart, to meeting and working with you.

From my heartinn me to your heart in you,


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