The Unfettered Aisling Speaks

The Unfettered Aisling is the dreamer in me.  This is what an aisling is.  It is a very old English word for a dreamer and a mystic.  She appeared out of my Heart Mind practice to help me and to help you.  As she speaks I will continue to add her wisdom. These are her words not mine.

” Your dreaming is creating who you are.  Dream yourself and  your life into greatness.  Your dreaming comes from your essential Self that is woven into the One.”

“Are you afraid of cold shadows on new doorways? Open then to the light behind them.”

” Thinking, wishing,  remembering, and hoping are all processes of the thinking mind.  The thinking mind creates the ego.  The ego is not YOU”

” You are the mystery and the greatest lover you ever desired lives within this mystery.”

” Do not live your life in half light.”

“In the centre of your heart is the garden of Paradise.  Abide here.”

“I speak in birdsong, streams over rocks, the wind in the leaves.  Listen to me and you will hear truth.”

“All your senses are sacred.  Use them to bring you to your essential self.”

” The Heart speaks in two words, ” Yes Life!”

” This life is one of the Universe creating through you and you creating it”.

” Come into a new order where time past, time present and time future are gathered together Now!”

” Barren and bare is the path swept by many.  Find your trail amongst the wildflowers.”

Live your life in the fullness of your senses and let them not be dulled by the mundane.”.

“On your soul journey there was no beginning and there is no destination.  It you think you have arrived, think again!”

” In the greening tides nature weaves a wonderland.”

“Creating is the authentic heart and soul speaking.”

” Be not lured and persuaded by the outside world.”

“All that you seek is found, not in the outer, material world, butin the inner realms of the heart mind.  This is where miracles and manifesting begin.”

” The outer world is your mirror.  When you judge someone else you are judging a part of yourself you have not yet seen”.

” In the twilight and shadows we see ourselves with owl eyes.”

” Looking for fulfillment outside of yourself is like looking for water in a mirage”.

” You can spend your life looking longingly at one star when you have an entire galaxy of stars to explore.”


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