The Woman in the Tree

There are many stories in our life that can grow to become myths which when told, written or used to create art, serve not only to free us but also to inspire and free others.  It is in sharing from heart minds that we send healing and creative energy into the world.  This  we use to do when we lived tribal lives, gathering around fires and hearths to listen to stories of the hunt or the wisdom stories of the elders. Imagine you are sitting around the fire in this moment listening to  one such story., The Woman in the Tree

A wyrd walker in spirit, Nagwasawa has given me this story:-

The woman in the tree

“Once long ago and far away, in the land of the long white cloud, lived a young flaxen haired, blue eyed woman who, at the age of seventeen, had just left home to enter into a new life for that was the custom of her people, the Patupaiarehe. She fared well on her own for, although innocent of the ways of the world, she was clever, curious and loving. Like most young women, in that time, she wanted to meet the love of her life and live happily ever after.

Before long she met a young warrior, brave and beautiful, brash and bold and she instantly knew he was her earth and sky. He was pretty smitten with her too so they courted under the branches of a huge blossoming cherry tree. The tree was hollow and the lovers had to climb to the opening in the trunk five feet lengths from the ground below. This provided shelter when the spring rains came and became their secret meeting place.

It was arranged by the elders of his tribe that they would be married and according to tradition the bride to be had to leave her lover and hide until he found her. This was proof of his commitment and honour. She went of course to their secret hiding place in the tree and waited with great anticipation for the magnificent young man to arrive.

He left , with good intentions and excitement, to find her and to spend a life with her. On the way, however, he came upon a dark haired Maori maiden with deep brown eyes. She was in distress. Her home had been washed away and her family lost to her. The warrior was beguiled and decided to stay with the shadow woman putting his bride out of his heart and mind and forgetting her entirely.

For days and nights the young bride waited in the shelter of the tree. Many moons waxed and waned. Her flaxen hair turned white. Leidartjarna, her lode star, continued to shine to show her the way. Ruru, the tiny owl who shared the tree, called at night for the wayward warrior. Spring, Summer and Autumn came and went. The seasons turned and soon winter was upon her. The faithful owl warned her that her lover had abandoned her and she needed to leave; to begin her life again, before her life force waned completely and the meagre nourishment he brought her was not enough to sustain her. The woman grieved and mourned still believing if she waited long enough her lover would return to her. Hope takes a long time to die in a young heart even when the body is old,” Nagwasawa said.

“So did she stay?” I asked Nagwasawa.

“We will see what unfolds,” she answered.


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From my heartinn me to your heart in you,


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