Uncovering the Mysteries of Time.

In my Soul Journey Coaching Programme Walking the Wildflower Path, the sojourners experience moving beyond our usual, limited understanding of time to just linear time. We discover how time present, time past and time future can come together in a multidimensional experience in the Now moment.

Lineal time is something we humans invented. We measure it in seconds, minutes, days, weeks months and years. This is what the Greeks called Chronos Times. We also have time measured in seasons, equinoxes and solstice time along with holy season times in all religions. Generally these fit into the solar year.

I have written many poems about time. Here is one honouring the dawn my favourite of day.


Dawn reaches out,
under black starred velvet covers,
to embrace her golden lover.
Whiti te Ra!,
Behold the Sun!

We make time, save time, waste time, fritter time away and often complain how little time we have and how it is running out! Such is the nature of our socialised thinking. What if we transcended the lineal time trap and stopped becoming victims of our limited, habitual thinking about time?

There are many different types of time when Walking the Wildflower Path. The most important time to begin a meaningful Soul journey with is what the Greeks called Kairos time and this is what I want to give you a snippet of today.

Kairos Time
This means designating hours or days as sacred or Kairotic days. Kairos means the opportune moment or loaded time. It is deeply meaningful. The opposite may be what we call wasted time. Here you do a certain amount of work, as I am doing now, but it is within my kariotic day. Soon I will paint and write a poem or a metaphoric story in this Kariotic Day. All the day I will be reminding myself to return to the heart mind and this will alter the depth of my activities and take them out of the mundane. More and more my days are Kariotic days or at least have hours of Kairos in them. Every day then becomes a potent, sacred day, at least in part because of a change in my consciousness and purpose but also because of the power of the Now.

Begin by setting a time every day to be in your heartmind. Try 20 minutes to begin with. You can walk, write, draw, journal, reflect, meditate or pray. This a time of being purposeful, meaningful and alone with yourself. The powers of gratitude, joy, love and compassion will soon arise in these moments of you being fully present. You can never be too busy to fully BE with or in The Essential Self.

If you would like to discover other dimensions of time to bring joy, create, and soul journey join me in my six month Soul Journey Programme Walking the Wildflower Path.

From my heart inn me to your heart in you


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